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Jan 18, - "This is my fav beauty balm out there! The compact one is for more dry skin because it has shea butter in it compared to the squeeze tube is ".
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I use a MAC brush to apply, but the compact does come with a sponge applicator.

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I have oily skin and this is fantastic for my skin, it has a full coverage which fades my acne marks from when I was younger and minimises my pores to give a great look. Takes minutes to apply and when teamed with lipgloss, mascara and a little eyeshadow is fantastic. I had also given the compact during colour match by the artist, however, i find that the colour of the compact it is slightly make me look pale and the coverage of the compact it is medium, buildable to full.

One bonus it is that, if you used the tube bb cream in the morning, you can added the compact as a touch up later in the afternoon time. Personally, I find that the compact might be too heavy for my normal to oily combination skin. I love the packaging, the ease of use including a an angled-brush comes with the pack, which is a bonus if you don't want to get your hand dirty. I was sent this compact to review as part of the Beautyheaven trial team. I had ne er used BB cream nor had I heard much about it.

I tried both the compact and the tube crea BB Creams and I preferred the tube for day wear as it felt less ' heavy' on my skin. The compact was great for a heavier coverage and looked best when I used it together with the Bb tube cream. The end result was a pore minimising and flawless look. There were no dry patches through the day and no breakouts either. I would definitely recommend this compact to anyone who wants a minimal fuss routine with a great makeup finish. It applied with quite a matte finish and as someone with oily skin, I thought that's what I was after.

However, it turns out for day to day use, I prefer the tube and see the compact as a something for fuller coverage. The compact, for me, was slightly darker than the tube. I used the sponge included with the compact to apply it and felt that I had to work harder to blend it into my skin due to its thicker consistency. Given the colour and consistency, it gave more coverage than the tube and a very polished kind of finish. For me the difference between the two products is that I would use the BB tube for day to day use, and switch to the compact for a night out.

I like my skin to breathe and this product did feel a bit heavy on my skin. It certainly did stay matte and very polished looking for a long time though - there were no issues with me going oily or feeling like the product was going to wear off at all! The pluses for this product over the tube is the ease in carrying it around with you, and the ability to build up the product on areas that need more coverage. I'd like to try applying it with a stippling brush as well to see if the result is more natural.

As part of the trial across the compact and the tube I had a hard time picking a favourite.

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The MAC artist, Max who tried both on my skin was fabulous at explaining the difference. The compact came out a slight winner in books purely down to the fact it's so easy to carry around it comes with a touch up pad inside. This BB cream lasted the whole day on my skin which is normally prone to an exposed T-Zone by the end of the day. This cream blended on well - I recommend the MAC brush to really give you a flawless finish and an even spread. It felt great on my skin, smooth and light but if offered enough coverage where needed and it was easy to add a little more to those areas that needed it.

My skin look luminous after however I did set with a little loose powder just to set the look, without it may have looked a bit too dewy. It acted as great base for the rest of my makeup and topped with the MAC blush I looked really fresh faced. I'd highly recommend this cream to anyone looking to move away from a heavy everyday foundation as it's the next best thing to a clean fresh face. It certainly flet soft enough and woudl be great on dry skin too.

From the glossy, sexy packaging to the prodcut inside this line really delivers, a must for the make up bag! I was sent the compact to try as part of the trial team. I preferred the texture of the balm over the compact as it was a bit lighter - it felt like I was just wearing mousturiser whereas the compact felt more like foundation.

Where I found the compact to be brilliant was to use it a bit more like a concealer. I would apply the balm all over my face and if there were any areas that I still wasn't happy with, I would then apply the compact. It was recommended that we use the compact for touch up during the day and it was great for that. I much prefer carry a compact in my handbag to carrying a tube that can spill donut was perfect for quick touch up, although, in all honesty, the BB balm didn't really budge so very few touch ups were needed.

I didn't go out at night during the trial but this would be perfect if you we're going straight out after work. I haven't had a lot of luck with BB creams in the past. You are usually only give the option of light, medium or dark - I tend to opt for medium and nearly always end up orange. I believe that there are a choice of 7 different colours so the chances of finding one that matches well is much higher.

I went into a store to get colour matched and they did half my face in the beauty balm and half my face in the compact. I much preferred the feel of the balm. It honestly didn't feel like I was wearing anything more than a mousturiser. Colour wise the match was great. My face is lighter than my body so we decided to colour match closer to my body. When the makeup artist applied it with a brush it was near invisible.

It blended into my skin that well. Although I was sent a brush as part of the trial I mostly applied it using my fingers and this did leave it looking a little tiny but streaky - although that was only up close in the mirror. If you stepped back it just left my skin looking even and luminous. I have normal to oily skin and found it moisturizing enough to use on its own. I loved the fact that it had SPF Upon application it left my skin with a healthy looking sheen. I really liked the finish of it. I found that it lasted well throughout the day. It didn't transfer into my clothes or children!

The coverage was medium - I could still see my natural skin underneath but it became more even. I liked the label of coverage as it didn't leave my skin looking like it was caked with foundation - just even and natural. I wore it on its own without makeup and it looked fine - just like my natural, now perfect, skin! I had one blemish during the trial period and it totally disguised the redness of it.

I am really happy with this BB. In fact it is the best BB that I have tried so far. Would not hesitate to recommend it. As part of the trial team I've been lucky enough to trial this BB compact. I went down to David Jones in Melbourne and was colour matched by the lovely Annie. She was fantastic, showing me exactly how to apply and also answered any of my questions, such a lovely lady!!!

The shade chosen for me was a really good colour match to my skin, you almost wouldn't know the difference but now my skin was so even. I am impressed that it actually has an SPF30 which is great for all year around, and especially now in the Melbourne heat of summer where it really does have staying power and my face didn't really sweat much even though I had make up on.

I've only had to have minimal touchups during the day which makes it pretty much close to using a foundation and the compact is so handy to just keep in your purse. There's no smell to it and is very easy to apply. They recommend to use a blending brush to really get great coverage which they included in my trial pack yippee, how wonderful they are to ensure that I will use it appropriately. The packaging of the BB like all M. C is sleek and sophisticated whilst being easy to use.

M.A.C Cosmetics Prep + Prime BB Beauty Balm Compact SPF 30

I was colour matched as light and this is the perfect colour for my fair, freckled skin. The texture of the compact is thick, however it is super easy to blend with a brush. It doesnt look 'cakey' which some compacts can do. It is lightweight it lasts the entire day! The coverage of the compact is more matte compared to the cream and can easily replace foundation. I do use a primer before hand and set with a translucent powder. It leaves your skin feeling soft and really does smooth out any imperfections. I love this product and will continue to use it! I got to trial this product and loved it.

The box it came in is pretty and slightly glittery, the product itself a nice, sleek-looking black. There is no smell.

I loved the product in the tube which I gave 5 stars and I marked this down to 4, only because I found the brush and tube product easier to apply than the sponge in the compact. Although, i did pack this one into my work bag so it's great for travelling or on-the-go. The product inside didn't differ too much from the product in the tube I found - my skin liked both!

Like the compact, I found the coverage this gave was excellent. I have fine lines, shadows under my eyes and some acne scarring but I found even a very light layer of this smoothed and evened my complexion and covered flaws so well. I didn't use a primer underneath and used this one product as the primer and foundation, saving myself one step in the morning. My skin didn't look cakey at all with this and one application in the morning lasted all day. I wore it through the Melbourne summer heat and my skin didn't get shiny over the t-zone.

They gave great tips while they matched the product to my skin tone. It's well worth a visit so you get the right colour. Sooo excited I was lucky to be part of the trial team for this. I already use MAC foundation so knew it would be a brilliant product…. And it is! As part of the trial I had to go instore to be colour matched. The girl that fit me was fantastic. She had great knowledge in what she was doing and about the product.

I was fit with Light Plus. Which looked very natural to my skin tone, so I was greatly pleased with that. The product is light weight and so smooth and easy to apply, I used the sponge that came it the compact. I simply dabbed it into my skin, rather than dragging down my face. I found using the soft dabbing motion made it easier to blend and absorb into my skin. My skin looked very even toned and clear, I have a little redness in my T-zone, but this really evened this out and gave a natural healthy glow to my skin and enhanced luminosity.

On its own, so after I have moisturised, I simply blended the BB all over my face, then I applied my MAC Mineralize Skinfinish Natural Powder just as a contour, then just a little blush and I had a beautiful natural look, very fresh and glowy. I used it to highlight my skin. So after foundation I applied the BB to areas to highlight my face, such as under eye, nose bridge and forehead that really made my skin glow and look luminous!

Simply on its own - for those days where you just want to sit at home and pretty much do nothing, but can't stand being with out make up… just incase you get an unexpected visitor! This is prefect, it takes 2 seconds to apply and your done, and your skin looks natural and beautiful!! I also now carry this in my hand bag so whenever I need a touch up I simply pull this little beauty out! I found this such a universal product I would highly recommend this product to anyone after a good quality BB cream, very well worth it!

Medium all over coverage which doesn't look heavy at all and in fact looks very natural.

Prep + Prime BB Beauty Balm SPF 35

I found it was long lasting and it looked very natural to wear. The product in the compact i found quite hard, but can be easily spread with a foundation brush. I found that i had to be very patient applying this compact, if you rush it, the coverage looks very cakish. I was lucky enough to be sent this product as part of the trial team. First of all I had to get a colour match done in-store so I took a trip to the Paddington store in Sydney and was looked after by a friendly and professional sales assistant. She asked me about my skin and seemed to immediately know my correct colour was medium.

I was told the Prep and Prime BB compact is better for those with dehydrated skin so we didn't try that one out in store. When I was sent the compact as well as the tube, I was delighted but surprised because I hadn't really done anything but look at it in the store.

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It is a pretty compact, black and sparkly and inside there is a handy mirror and sponge for application. I've only had a few days to trial these goodies out so I didn't get much experience with the compact. Basically given that it was suggested we use the compact for touch-ups and also that I was told the compact is better for people with dehydrated skin I thought it might be unwise to touch up my oily T-zone with the compact. What I did do however, was to use a small amount of the compact product around the drier areas on my face, like around my eyes and temples.

Instead of using the sponge I used the large angled contour brush to gently buff the product into my skin. This worked well on the areas I specified because it didn't drag my skin and seemed to prevent it from looking blotchy and cakey. The product in the compact was velvety and creamy to apply and felt light on my skin. The product didn't settle in my fine lines and because my skin was nicely hydrated it softened the look of the lines and smoothed out the uneven skin tone around the area.

The medium was again a pretty good match for my natural skin tone. Again the price is a sticking point for me, especially if I was using this for my whole face on a daily basis, it doesn't look like it would last long. The other thing I am not keen on is the sponge - it is convenient for use out and about but you'd need to make sure to wash it regularly otherwise it would harbour bacteria.

Other than that I really loved the idea of this product - a BB "cream" in a compact! I will definitely look forward to using this more in Winter when my skin gets a bit drier than it is now. This is a five star product for me! It has so many great properties, including the sleek black plastic packaging. The compact contains a mirror so it is perfect for throwing into your bag for touches up on the go. One of the best things about the product is the SPF 30 - having such a high SPF in my BB cream means I don't have to worry about applying a separate layer of sunscreen in the mornings!

It is an even better deal if you are a regular user of MAC products like I am as MAC runs the Back 2 MAC program, which allows you to return six empty products and exchange them for a lipstick there is a selection of twenty colours to choose from. The product comes in nine different shades, ranging from extra light to deep dark. I was colour matched at a MAC counter by an experienced make-up artist which I enjoyed. It was great to be able to ask questions and get an expert opinion on this and other MAC products.

Easy Makeup using BB Cream

I was reminded by the MAC make up artist that MAC will happily provides samples of other products at any time and all I need to do is ask if I am interested in trying something. Getting back to the product itself - I applied the MAC BB cream to my face with a brush then used my fingers to really work the product into my skin. The product was easy to blend into the skin for a seamless finish. I found that the BB cream really does what MAC claims it will, that is that it "perfects, protects, evens out and illuminates".

The protection comes from the high SPF. It perfects by evening out my skin tone, creating a natural but almost flawless effect. I found that the coverage of the product was medium to light. The only area I felt needed some more coverage was around my dark under eye area, so I added a corrector and concealer over the BB cream. I do note that my skin is on the dry side and I rarely get break outs - so light - medium coverage is what I usually look for in a foundation. The finish of this product is radiant - it is far from matte but doesn't leave you looking shiny or greasy either.

I chose to set the product with a translucent powder as without a powder, the product felt a little slippery, like it might rub off very easily. With the powder over the top, it stayed in place for most of the day. The compact allowed me to touch up around my nose later in the day as needed. I would highly recommend this product for anyone with dry skin. It did not emphasise any dry patches or leave the skin feeling dry or tight.

MAC - Prep + Prime BB Beauty Balm Compact SPF 30 |

I did use it over my day time moisturiser though and would not recommend using it on its own. Overall, I was very impressed with this product. Makeup Services Stores Events. Free Returns! You are currently signed in as: Reset customer. Overview Details. Full Description Improves skin's texture, blurs imperfections, controls oil and evens skin tone immeditely — all while shielding from harsh UV rays. Features SPF 35 protection and moisturizing ingredients. Smooth evenly all over the face or to the desired areas after moisturizer right before foundation with fingertips, sponge or brush.

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