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Mac computers can use an HDMI cable or adapter to connect to an HDTV, display, If your HDMI device isn't receiving audio from your Mac.
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This is a low quality, unreliable product. Every time I plug it in, I constantly have to fiddle with the cable positioning for it to pass a signal to my display device. If the adapter isn't in precisely the correct position, the display will cut out. I've tried the adapter with multiple display devices and source devices, and have had problems each time. Due to this troubleshooting I know that the fault lies with this adapter as opposed to any of the source devices or displays. If you don't feel as if you will ever move your devices once initially set up, this product may work for you.

Can I use an Apple Thunderbolt monitor with a PC?

However, if you ever need to re-position either your source or display device, save yourself the annoyance and purchase a better adapter. Works great! Delivery was fast and arrived in 2 days.

The adapter works well with my Mac and no setup was required This adapter provides both audio and video whereas my old adapter another brand only provided the video Hope this one will last long. Arrived after only 2 days, Over priced but work's as expected. Works as intended, quickly able to connect my Mac to any TV in the house now.

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Please check your browser settings and turn on JavaScript. If you can't find the setting, try searching the web for your browser name Chrome, Firefox, etc. Email a Friend Bookmark. Computer Accessories: Write your review. HDMI port: Mini DisplayPort: Turn on the HDMI device. Use any of these methods to open Displays preferences: Press Shift-Command-A to open the Applications folder.

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Then double-click System Preferences, then click Displays. If you're connecting from a Mac mini, unplug any audio device that is plugged into your computer's Audio-Out port. If you do have either of those products then this Moshi adapter probably isn't necessary. If not, this is an easy-to-use option to connect your MacBook to your TV and is good value for the money.

Conectando Mac Book Pro a TV cable HDMI Imagen y audio.

So what are you waiting for? Go out and get yourself one! Go Moshi, go Moshi, go! Rated 5 out of 5 by Steph from How did I manage without this!!?? Moshi sent me a free product to review!

How to Connect a Mac Computer to a TV - wikiHow

I am currently using the product with my 13 laptop, wireless keyboard and wireless mouse while viewing a movie on a 40 i HDTV as I write this review. All I did was open the well-packaged adapter, follow the simple instructions and connected the device to my laptop and TV, along with the required HDMI cable not included with the device. Films, images and fonts are crisp and clear; colors are vivid, vibrant and saturated.

I believe I have been more productive since I have a much larger viewing area and find it is far more comfortable to do so without eyeglasses from across the room than looking down with eyeglasses at a small screen on my lap. The device is very portable and it has become an accessory that I carry in my bag along with my laptop, tablet, wireless keyboard, etc.

Thunderbolt and Mini DisplayPort : differences and compatibility

I plan to soon try it on a 46 p HDTV. I have no negative comments about the device, and look forward to using it daily while viewing on a big screen. Be the first to review this item. Write a review uscquxre. Moshi 99MO Accessories. See any errors on this page?